Thank you to our 2022 sponsors, attendees, speakers, and volunteers for making our Pre-Health Conference possible! Save the date: October 14th, 2023.

Volunteering & Involvement

3 Conference volunteers on hutchison field. join the team today

2023 Conference Volunteer Recruitment

Conference is made possible every year by UC Davis students and alumni volunteers. Conference volunteers includes our leadership team, workshop moderators, and general volunteers. Volunteers coordinate Conference, and engage with speakers, attendees, and Conference partners. Please note our volunteer opportunities are open to UC Davis students and alumni Class of 2023.

Thank you for your interest in joining our Team! Applications for all positions are currently open for our Leadership Team (Coordinators and Assistant Coordinators). Follow us on social media for updates on 2023 recruitment.

Apply to Join the Leadership Team by Dec 5th 

Info Session Recording available upon request

  • Timeline for Leadership Team Recruitment
  • Info Session 
    Recording available upon request

    Monday, Dec 5th at 11:59 pm

    By invitation via Zoom weeks of January 2nd and January 9th

     If selected, you are required to attend all training sessions. The first training session will be held either on Saturday, January 21st or on Saturday, January 28th from 8 am - 5 pm.

Questions? Email us at Please note our business hours from 8 am - 5pm Monday - Friday.


Why Should You Apply to be a Conference Leader?
  • Benefits of being a Leader
  • This is an opportunity to:
    - Grow leadership skills such as communication, public speaking, and critical thinking skills. All of which are important for future health professionals.
    Build a team with fellow Aggies for an event for all pre-health students.
    Connect with health professional schools and health professionals.
    - Collaborate and work closely with HPA staff.
  • Benefits of being a moderator
  • This is an opportunity to:
    - Be the main point of contact with workshop speakers, including admissions representatives, health professionals, and other experts.
    - Build your leadership skills, including publicspeaking, communication, teamwork, and problem solving skills.
    - Connect with the UC Davis pre-health community. 
    - Attend conference for free outside of your shift requirements.
  • Benefits of being an intern
  • This is an opportunity to:
    - Outside of your shift, attend the Conference for free!
    - Snacks and meals will be provided
    - Build teamwork skills and meaningful connections
    - Network with healthcare professionals and admissions
  • For all Coordinators and Assistant Coordinators
  • Coordinators have a higher level of time commitment and responsibility in planning the PreHealth Conference. Coordinators also communicate regularly and work closely with HPA staff. 
    - Be a UC Davis student or alumni Class of 2023
    - Be available in person for training sessions for Coordinators and Assistant Coordinators.
    - Attend regularly scheduled meetings. Be available for individual meetings with HPA staff and fellow student leaders and student volunteers.
    - Collaborate, coordinate, and communicate with fellow student leader Coordinators and HPA staff.
    - Support answering emails from the Pre-Health Conference email.
    - Assist with and be available for recruitment, training, and management for additional volunteers (Assistant Coordinators, Moderators, and Interns).
    - Participate in outreach events: Aggie Days, Welcome Week, Orientations
    - Be available in person the week before conference and on conference day (October 14th, 2023)
  • Logistics
  • 4 Logistic Coordinator roles available
    2 Assistant Coordinator roles available

    - Work closely with HPA staff to assist in the recruitment and communication with PHC's potential exhibitors. Mail invitations.
    - Coordinate the Pre-Health Fair and day of logistics (Eg. Confirm with exhibitors via email.)
    - Collaborate with Strategic Communications Team to promote exhibitors and for Program and Marketing materials.
    - Collaborate with the Workshop Coordinators with Exhibitors who are also Speakers at workshops.
    - Collaborate with HPA Staff with needed materials for the day of the event.
    - Send logistical communications to to Attendees prior to Conference.
    - Send post-conference communications to Attendees and Exhibitors.
    - Guide and collaborate with Assistant Coordinators.  
    - Assist in the training and management 100+ Interns.

  • Programming: Interactive and Didactic Workshops
  • 3 Programming Coordinator roles available:
    - 2 Didactic Programming Coordinators: responsible for lecture-style workshops
    - 1 Interactive Programming Coordinator: responsible for hands-on workshops
    2 Assistant Coordinator roles available

    - Recruit professionals as Speakers and Keynote Speaker. 
    - Continue communication with Speakers and their associated Moderators.
    - Work closely with HPA staff to create workshop schedule.
    - Work closely with HPA Staff and Strategic Communication team for Program and Marketing Materials. 
    - Coordinate creating and collecting Workshop Descriptions.
    - Collaborate with the Logistics Team for Exhibitors that are also Speakers.
    - Assist in the training and management of 2 Assistants Coordinators (Didactic and Interactive), 40+ Moderators, and Workshop Interns. 
    - Collaborate with our Moderators to ensure the success of their workshops.

  • Strategic Communications
  • 2 Strategic Communications Coordinator roles are available.
    4 Assistant Coordinator roles are available

    - Work closely with and support HPA staff to develop and implement strategies for Website, Social Media, Outreach, and Graphic Design content calendars.
    - Work Closely with HPA staff to develop and implementing on- and off-campus outreach marketing strategies. (Including drafting emails for advisors on and off campus, pre-health clubs on- and off-campus,)
    - Collaborate with all fellow Coordinators for content and updates on all channels (Website, Social Media, Outreach, and Graphic Design) in a timely and appropriate manner.
    - Day of Conference, be available to Post on Social Media leading up to and throughout Conference Day and Assist fellow student leaders.
    - Collaborate with Logistics Coordinators for PHC representation at all HPA and on-campus large events.
    - Assist in the training and management of 4 Assistants Coordinators and Interns.

  • Moderators
  • Updated Summer 2022
    - Responsible for managing workshops and/or panels they are assigned to, on the day of Conference
    - Serve as primary contact for speakers they are assigned, both during and leading up to Conference
    - Assist in the creation of workshop descriptions and panel questions
    - Collaborate with Strategic Communications Team on Conference outreach and marketing efforts
    - Help create speaker name tags and room signage
    - Attend mandatory trainings
    - Collaborate, coordinate, and communicate with fellow student leader, Coordinators, and HPA staff
    - Attend our Conference for free outside of your shifts
  • Interns
  • Updated Summer 2022
    - Assist in the set up / wrap ups of events
    - Serve as a contact point for attendees during the event
    - Work with a diverse team of professionals, staff, and student leaders to help run the event 
    - Help check in attendees/sponsors, distribute items to attendees / sponsors, guide sponsors to their designated area
    - Attend Conference for free with commitment of completing their shift(s)