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Inside Tips and Resources to Maximize Pre-Health Conference at UC Davis

Learn how to make the most of your day at Conference

Quick Summary

  • How to plan your Conference day schedule
  • How do I ask “good” questions?
  • What things should I bring?

As you know, Conference is an all-day event. It is jam-packed with opportunities to meet health-related professionals, schools, and organizations, as you trek the UC Davis campus. We want you to feel prepared and ready to tackle the long day ahead, so below are our tips and reminder for success! 

Important: This also brings up the value in checking your email– you should expect important logistics in emails from us as we gear up for conference day! 

How to plan your Conference day schedule?

Firstly, we encourage you to have an understanding of the Conference Agenda

  • Conference Agenda
  • 6:00am 8:00am:

    8:00am - 9:00am: 

    9:00am - 12:00pm:   

    12:00pm - 1:00pm: 

    1pm - 1:50pm: 

    2pm - 2:50pm: 

    3pm - 3:50pm: 

    4:05pm - 4:20 PM: 

    Attendee Check-in

    Welcome // U-Center

    Pre-health Fair // Hutchison Field

    Designated Time for Lunch

    Workshop Session 1

    Workshop Session 2

    Workshop Session 3

    Closing & Giveaway // U-Center


Now that you have a greater understanding of Conference day itself, let’s talk details about preparing to maximize your day. In order to truly make the most of your time, we encourage having a plan in mind guided by our Program (digital version coming soon). 

  • For the Pre-Health Fair
  • To maximize your time and get as many answers to your questions, we recommend having a list of many exhibitors you would like to speak to. Because the fair will be busy and your favorite exhibitors may have long wait times, we encourage visiting some favorites and new exhibitors. If an exhibitor has a shorter line, they are more likely to be able to spend more time with you. 
  • For Workshops
  • Each Workshop Session (1, 2,  & 3) will have a unique workshop line up, with limited repeats of workshops between sessions.  When released to registered attendees, we recommend checking workshop locations, included in the program, to budget walking times.

    As for attending Interactive Workshops, an interactive ticket will be required. Please check the Workshops page and your email for details.
Attendees will receive an attendee tote bag, which will include a printed program and waterbottle. Exhibitors typically have flyers and giveaways to distribute to those who visit their booth! Attendee favorites have been anatomy posters, stress/squishy balls, pens, and post-its! 

Should I prepare questions to ask? And if so, how do I ask
“good” questions?

That’s a great first question– glad you are already in the mindset of preparation! Many admission representatives for health-professional schools will be Deans of Admission, who are eager to meet you! Whether you are exploring, preparing to apply, or in the cycle, creating a list of questions, is a great way to learn information you cannot find on Exhibitors’ websites. Asking good questions can help impress representatives, as it demonstrates your interest and research you have done. But first, don’t forget to introduce yourself!

It is okay to ask clarifying questions, like requirements about pre-requisite classes or letters of recommendations, but do your research to see if those logistic questions can be answered on their
website first. 

Brainstorming good questions can be a process, so setting aside time to focus on this task is normal, and a great way to prepare. It also allows you to ask yourself what you hope to gain from Conference. Questions should help you find out if you are a good fit for a school and vice versa.

  • Examples for questions to learn more about their school:
  • >> I’ve heard your school offers early clinical experiences, can you share any examples?
    >> On your website I saw the curriculum model has interprofessional learning. How does this look at your school? 
    >> You mentioned students have the opportunity to gain research experience with faculty. Can you elaborate more on that process?
    >> On the flyer I see the list of clubs/organizations to join. Do you know which is the most active in ___  (eg. community outreach, hosting events, inviting faculty to speak, etc.).

Do you have questions about concerns, like GPA or MCAT/Test scores? Admissions representatives can be good sources to ask, however we recommend asking questions about their school first if possible. 

I’ve never been to Conference in-person. What things should I bring?

We are excited to be celebrating our 21st annual conference with you all! To set yourself up for success, we have a few tips:

  • Reminders and Tips
  • >> Friendly reminder to pack your own lunch or have a plan of where to eat. Check our Instagram the week of Conference for a post on lunch options.

    >> Wear comfortable walking shoes 
              > UC Davis is a beautiful and large campus and the Pre-Health Fair will be taking place outside on a field

    >> Check the weather ahead of time
              > Layers, like a light jacket or sweater, are recommended. Fall is often in the 50s - 60s in the mornings and can warm up to the 70s - 80s 
              > Sunscreen to protect yourself from the Davis sun.

    >> Stay hydrated and refill your waterbottle

    >> If your budget allows, business casual is recommended

    >> Your list of questions 

    >> Enthusiasm for a fun and informative day!

  • Attendees who register by 10/8 will receive:
  • An attendee t-shirt 
    Namebadge (must have registered in our system)

    Continental Breakfast
    An attendee tote bag to collect goodies
    Reusable Water Bottle
    Printed program

For more information about the Pre-Health Conference at UC Davis, explore our website and stay connected on our social media.