Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

How many participants will be attending the conference?

This year, we will cap registration at 4,500 participants to deliver focused, high quality programming. Participation will be limited to current college students or college graduates so that admissions representatives will be speaking to an appropriate audience. High school students and their parents are not invited to the conference, but are invited to attend our one-day High School Pre-Health Symposium on Sunday, April 9th

Can high school students attend?

High school students and/or their parents are not permitted to attend the conference. Conference participants will need to be 18 years of age. We will collect college registration/graduation information on the registration page.

High school students and their parents are not invited to the conference, but are invited to attend our one-day High School Pre-Health Symposium on Sunday, April 9th

What is the dress code for the event?

We encourage you to dress business casual. However, keep in mind that you will be walking a lot. Also, it can potentially get very warm during the day. Generally, t-shirts and jeans should be avoided.

Can I register the day of the conference?

No. There will be no on-site registration. Attendees can register today here

All participants will be required to wear a wristband to enter the conference events.

How can I find the conference schedule of speakers?

We will have more information about the 2017 conference schedule closer to the date. 

Can I bring my parents or children to the event?

Registration is limited to only 4,500 participants. We ask that parents not attend so that more seats will be available for college students.

We do not prohibit supervised children from attending, but should your children create distractions during a presentation, you will need to remove them from the room. Children are not permitted to be at the conference unsupervised. There is no registration fee for children, but they will not receive breakfast or lunch. Please plan accordingly.

What if I require special accommodations?

If you need any special accommodations during the conference, we will make every effort to provide them. For specific requests contact by October 1 at 11:59 pm PST. Requests received after the deadline may be significantly more difficult to accommodate so please contact us as soon as possible.

I registered but now I cannot attend. Can I receive a refund?

Registration refunds can be given until September 15, 2017. Please plan accordingly. Refunds will not be given after this date. If you miss the conference, we will not be able to provide conference materials to you. You must be present to receive the benefits of the conference.

Interactive FAQ

What are the Interactive workshops about?

Interactive workshops teach attendees different techniques used in various healthcare fields in a hands-on manner.  Below we have listed all the workshops we offer at this year's Conference, along with short descriptions:

Suturing Workshop: Come and learn surgical stitching and knot tying!  Learn how to suture under the guidance of physicians and medical students.Casting Workshop: Learn how to make a hospital grade cast using proper casting supplies.Mock Interview Workshop: Practice your interviewing skills in a one-on-one interview with health professionals and receive feedback on your responses.

*There are three different groups for suturing tickets, however they only differ in sponsor, not content or length

Physical Therapy Workshop: Come learn how a commonly used technique, sport taping, is used in the field of physical therapy

EMT Tour Workshop: Get a chance to tour the insdies of an ambulance and learn about the routines of an Emergency Medical Technician.

Recruitment Lunch Workshop: Come network and have a conversation with different health professionals from different fields and learn about various career paths.

Ultrasound Workshop: Learn how to operate an ultrasound machine with the help of our very own UC Davis medical professional.

Where can I find tickets for interactive workshops?

Once you have registered for the 15th Annual UC Davis Pre-Health Conference and the registration payment has been processed, you will receive an email with an invitation to register for Interactive Workshops.  Through this Eventbrite invitation, you will be able to register for an interactive workshop ticket.

Where can I find my ticket confirmation number?
You can find your ticket confirmation number/order number on the confirmation email for your general registration ticket.
What if I have not received the invitation for Interactive Workshops registration?

You can find your ticket confirmation number / order number on the confirmation email for your general registration ticket.

If you recently registered: It takes a while for payments to be processed through Eventbrite, so please give it a few days

If you registered a while ago and have not received an invitation:  If you still have not received an invitation through the email with which you registered for general Conference ticket, please fill out this form.

If you have registered with a group: Please ensure that you have your own individual email listed on your Registration.  If you do not, please contact your group leader and have them email us your individual email addresses, and then we will be able to send out the invitation.

Other: Please complete this form

Do you have to pay for the interactive workshop tickets?
No!  The cost of attendance and supplies is included in you general conference ticket.
I keep getting pop-up window that says fields are required when I try to get interactive workshop tickets, what should I do?
This may be an issue with your browser.  Please switch browsers or use a different device such as a smartphone.  If you can't switch browsers or devices, check to make sure that you have scrolled left and right to ensure that there are no missed questions.
How many interactive workshops can I register for?

An Attendee can register for only ONE workshop session.

What if tickets run out? Is there any other interactive workshop I can attend?
Unfortunately, if tickets have run out, then all the interactive workshops have reached their capacity and we would be unable to accommodate more attendees.  However, at the end of the day, from 4 - 5 pm, there is a networking reception at the ARC Pavilion that is open to all attendees.
Is there a wait list?
Unfortunately, there is no waitlist.
When does registration close?
Registration closes on October 13th or while ticket supplies last.
If I accidentally registered for the wrong interactive workshop, can I change the workshop I signed up for?
This is possible, however, you will need to cancel your original Interactive Workshop registration and re-register for a different workshop.  Please do this at your own discretion because we cannot guarantee that you will be able to get a seat in another workshop.
What is the schedule for Interactive Workshops? Where can I find the general schedule for the conference

You can find the Interactive Workshop schedule here.

You can find the General Conference Schedule here

How do I find out where my workshops are located?
Once an attendee has registered for an interactive workshop, they will receive an email that directs them to the location where the workshop will be held.
Do I have to bring a copy of the ticket on the day of the conference?
Please bring a PRINTED VERSION of your interactive workshop ticket to be able to gain admission into the workshop.  We will not be able to allow you into a workshop if you do not have a copy of your ticket.  There will be no exceptions.
If I have more specific questions, who can I contact?
If you have any additional questions, you can contact